Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics
Grade 6 in GCSE Physics


Grade 7-7 in GCSE Trilogy Science

Alongside the entry requirements for each course, you will also need to achieve the minimum Sixth Form entry requirements.


Units on this course are 100% internally assessed and externally moderated.

Next Steps

Physics is a useful subject for the majority of STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) careers and you’ll find physicists everywhere, in industry, transport, government, universities, the armed forces, the secret service, games companies, research labs and more.

A-Level in Physics

Physics is the most fundamental of the sciences and this course is for those who want to know just how and why the natural world works as it does. The course covers a wide range of physics topics from the tiniest scale of sub-atomic particles to the evolution of the cosmos.

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Course Content

Particles and Quantum Phenomena:

  • Wave-particle duality


  • The standard model of particle physics


  • Basic electrical properties
  • Electrical components and circuits

Mechanics and Energy:

  • Forces and motion (including Newton’s laws and projectile motion)

Waves and Oscillations:

  • The basic properties of waves
  • Refraction
  • Diffraction
  • Interference


  • Investigates the similarities and differences between gravitational and electric fields


  • The effect of capacitance
  • The use and operation of capacitors


  • Investigates the magnetic fields produced by the flow of a current

Nuclear Physics:

  • The structure of the nucleus
  • Radioactivity
  • Nuclear instability
  • Nuclear energy

Thermal Physics: 

  • The thermal properties of materials
  • Ideal gases
  • The kinetic theory of gases


  • The physics of stars and cosmology

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