Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language

Alongside the entry requirements for each course, you will also need to achieve the minimum Sixth Form entry requirements.


100% Examination

Next Steps

A Philosophy, Ethics and Religion qualification will equip you with the critical thinking skills to allow you to pursue a variety of career options, such as: Archivist; Guidance Counsellor and even Teaching.

A-Level in Philosophy, Ethics & Religion

This course offers an in-depth study of philosophy and ethics whilst also developing the knowledge, understanding and skills established at GCSE Religious Studies.

This is a highly sought-after qualification due to the wide range of academic skills encompassed within the course such as critical thinking, analysis, essay writing and independent study skills as well as the opportunities for personal and intellectual growth as students use their academic learning to formulate and express their position on a number of hotly debated and controversial topics.

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Course Content

Year 12

Philosophy 1

  • The philosophical views of Greek philosophers: Plato & Aristotle
  • The nature of the soul, mind and body in the thinking of Plato & Aristotle
  • Arguments about the existence or non-existence of God
  • The nature and impact of religious experience
  • The challenge for religious belief of the problem of evil

Ethics 1

  • Natural Law (Aquinas)
  • Situation Ethics
  • Kantian Ethics
  • Utilitarianism
  • Euthanasia
  • Business Ethics

Developments in Christian Thought 1

  • Beliefs about Human Nature
  • Beliefs about Death and the Afterlife
  • Knowledge of God’s existence
  • The person of Jesus Christ

Year 13

Philosophy 2

  • Ideas about the nature of God
  • Religious Language

Ethics 2

  • Ethical Language
  • Conscience
  • Sexual Ethics

Developments in Christian Thought 2

  • Religious Pluralism & Theology
  • Religious Pluralism & Society
  • Gender & Society
  • Gender & Theology
  • The Challenge of Secularism
  • Liberation Theology & Marx

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