Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

Grade 5 in GCSE Media Studies (if studied at GCSE)

Alongside the entry requirements for each course, you will also need to achieve the minimum Sixth Form entry requirements, which you can find here.


Examinations: 70% of A-Level

Coursework: 30% of A-Level

Next Steps

Media is an ever growing world with increasing employment. Future careers may involve traditional marketing, working for institutions like the BBC - or in areas like digital marketing and branding.

A-Level in Media Studies

Media Studies is the kind of course in which students are very actively involved and, as a consequence, confidence and expertise can increase quite sharply. Practical work forms part of the course and students are given the opportunity to create their own cross-media production. We look at both traditional and new media and consider many of the big changes that have occurred in the media world and their impact on our lives.

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Course Content

Production work is 30% of the course and is delivered through an industry standard brief. You will have a choice of options and will then have to develop a product to meet the brief that’s been set.

This is fully practical and will see you involved in photography, graphic design, image manipulation, moving images, video editing, website production, radio broadcasting and film promotion. You choose the brief and the media technologies to play to your strengths and interest – a real selling point of the course we think.

Everything in Media Studies A Level falls into four main areas of study – language, representation, audience and industry so this means that whatever you’re learning about will be able to be related to one of these four concepts in some way. This applies to your own practical work as well.

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