Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE English Language and in GCSE English Literature

Alongside the entry requirements for each course, you will also need to achieve the minimum Sixth Form entry requirements.


2 x External Exams: 80% of A-Level

Coursework Tasks: 20% of A-Level

Next Steps

An A-Level in English Language can lead variety of different study options and careers. It would be useful in pursuing routes such as Speech Therapy, Journalism and Publishing.

Overall, it is a useful and well-respected subject that will prepare you for any degree subject.

A-Level in English Language

Studying English Language at A-Level will give you the opportunity to think about language as it is used, by real people, in the real world. It’s a fascinating subject area that is refreshingly different from anything you will have studied in GCSE English.

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Course Content

Year 12

Language Under the Microscope

Introduces students to the basic ‘toolkit’ of language study: exploring textual variety through a range of methods of language analysis and considering the effect of lexical choices and grammatical features through short written texts.

Writing About a Topical Issue

Gives you the opportunity to engage with ideas and attitudes around language and its use, critically evaluating and responding to topics. You will present your ideas through short pieces of original writing.

Comparing and Contrastic Texts

Enables you to add to your ‘toolkit’ of language levels through analysis and comparison of spoken and written communication including the individual and social varieties of English, and British dialects.

Language in the Media

Introduces you to relevant theories of language and power, language and gender, or language and technology in exploring multi-modal media texts.

Year 13

Child Language Acquisition

Allows you to explore how children learn to speak, and how they are able to understand and express themselves through language.

Language Change

Considers the historical variations in English from c. 1700 to present day. You will understand how English language has developed and changed over time through analysis of a wide range of texts and genres.

An Independent Investigation of Language

This element of the course is assessed as coursework and allows students to explore and analyse language data independently. You will conduct your own individual research into a language topic of your choice, as well as producing an ‘academic poster’ as a way to communicate the complex ideas and findings of your investigation in an accessible, concise and visual way.

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