Studying Chemistry at A-Level will give students a greater understanding of the world we live in.

Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Chemistry or Grades 7-7 in GCSE Trilogy Science

Alongside the entry requirements for each course, you will also need to achieve the minimum Sixth Form entry requirements.


100% Examination

Next Steps

Chemistry opens the door to further study or a career in, for example: medicine, veterinary medicine, biochemistry, catering, chemical engineering, dentistry, food science, forensic science, accountancy, metallurgy, pharmacy and textiles.

A-Level in Chemistry

Knowledge of Chemistry will give you a greater understanding of the world we live in. Chemistry is the study of substances, what they are made of, how they interact and what role they play in living things and the environment.

The course includes both theoretical and practical lessons, with plenty of opportunity to devise, complete and analyse investigations.

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Course Content

Year 12

Physical Chemistry

• Atomic Structure
• Amount of Substance
• Bonding
• Energetics
• Kinetics
• Chemical Equilibria, Le Chatelier's Principle and Kc • Oxidation, Reduction and Redox Equations

Inorganic Chemistry

• Periodicity
• Group 2 - The Alkaline and Earth Metals
• Group 7(17) - The Halogens Organic Chemistry
• Introduction to Organic Chemistry
• Alkanes
• Halogenoalkanes
• Alkenes • Alcohols
• Organic Analysis

Year 13

Physical Chemistry

• Thermodynamics
• Rate Equations
• Equilibrium Constant KP for Homogeneous Systems
• Electrode Potentials and Electrochemical Cells
• Acids and Bases

Inorganic Chemistry

• Properties of Period 3 Elements and their Oxides
• Transition Metals
• Reactions of Ions in Aqueous Solution

Organic Chemistry

• Optical Isomerism
• Aldehydes and Ketones
• Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives
• Aromatic Chemistry
• Amines
• Polymers
• Amino Acids, Proteins and DNA
• Organic Synthesis
• Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
• Chromatography

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