Results day 2019

GCE Results - will be issued from 9am on Thursday 15 August in the Sixth Form
Common Room.

GCSE Results - will be issued from 9am on Thursday 22 August in the Sixth
Form Common Room.


If you are a parent or student, and would like further information about a particular exam result, you will need to speak to a teacher or the exams officer at school who can help explain how your marks are calculated and what options are available to you.

There are three Post Results Services available to students:
1 Clerical re-check – This is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. This will include checking that all parts of the paper have been marked, recorded and totalled correctly. Student consent is required.

2 Review of original marking - (a GCE A level priority 2 service to meet a University offer is also available. Accordingly this service has a short application window) – This is a review of the original marking and ensures the agreed markscheme has been applied correctly. It will include the clerical re-check process described above. It is not a re-mark of the script. Student consent is required.

3 Access to scripts (ATS) – The opportunity to pay for the original or a copy of an exam script. Student consent is required.

Enquiries Procedure

After the release of the examination results, a student who wants to query a mark/grade awarded by an Awarding Board or obtain a copy of an exam script should refer to the following procedure:

1. Contact the Examinations Officer or the subject teacher as soon as possible (but at least FIVE working days before the published September deadline for EAR) to discuss the mark/grade. The Examinations Officer will advise on the options available to query the mark/grade and the costs involved.

2. Students must sign an PRS application form and a consent form to confirm that they understand the consequence of an PRS. Both forms are issued by the Examinations Officer.

3. Students should be aware that a PRS can result in the marks/grades being raised, confirmed or lowered.

ALL costs involved will be paid by the student at the time the application is made. Requests will not be accepted without payment. The outcome of the enquiry will be communicated either by telephone or email. If the enquiry is successful and results in an overall grade change to the qualification, the Awarding Bodies do not charge and the fee will be refunded to the student.

Access to Scripts (ATS)
Copy of a script
The quickest way to access a paper and the recommended option if a re-mark is being considered.

Copy of a checked or re-marked script
Please ask for a copy of the checked or re-marked script when you request the marking review. A copy will be sent to you when the review is completed.

Original script
The original script can be requested. You can ask to get marked exam papers back for AS and A-level, GCSE, Certificates, FSMQ, Functional Skills and VRQ. The scripts can take some time to be returned as awarding bodies may need to access them until the deadline has passed for other Post Result Service requests.

Please be aware the fee applies per paper and not the overall qualification. All requests are made by the Exams Officer directly with the awarding body. It is important to note that you can only request a post-results service once for any script and there are deadlines for making these requests.

For an application form or more information regarding these services, contact the Exams Office at Hornsea School 01964 530253/4 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Certificates are provided to centres by awarding bodies after results have been confirmed.

Issue of certificates

*GCSE *certificates are presented at the annual Year 11 Celebration Evening.

*GCE* certificates can be collected from the Exams Office from November of the certificating year.

Please arange collection by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01964 530253.