Case Study - Bobbi Hadgraft

‘After the incessant support from the HSLC staff during KS4, it was almost unquestionable that I would continue to study my A Levels at Hornsea School Sixth Form.  Here, members of staff across the board go the extra mile to help students reach the height of their ability.  From Enrichment opportunities to my A Levels, I know that there is always someone I can talk to if I’m in need of help or advice.  In French, for instance, my teachers invest time into each individual student in order to help us excel, such as with speaking interventions, which work to develop our skills outside of the classroom.  These elements really set Hornsea Sixth apart, with small-scale classes presenting a real opportunity for a personalised learning approach, where the needs of each student are always satisfied.’


Bobbi Hadgraft Year 13

‘I chose HSLC because it was a convenient step to continue my education at a higher"

After the incessant support from the HSLC staff during KS4


For me the best thing about 6th Form is having the Common Room as a social space so if you need a break you can have one