Film Production Course- AS Media

Recently me and my AS media class got the opportunity to do a TV Multi Camera Studio Production course at Hull College. This was run by an ex BBC camera man which meant it would be from an expert. This course required us to make a mock quiz show using all the professional equipment, we all got a chance to use the different equipment to see which one we favoured, some of us (me and charlotte) even got to present the show!
We were taught how to use each piece of equipment and shown the different roles in the film industry. All the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and would 100% recommend it to anyone else interested in the film industry! Charlotte F said "A great experience that I wouldn't have been able to get anywhere else locally, with someone who has been in the business and knows his stuff. It was great to use and learn about all the equipment in a studio and working with new people to record".

By Emily B Y12